Algeria Refuses To Open French Cultural Center in Tizi Ouzou For Security Reasons

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icon-writer Hassan Houicha / English Version: Med.B.

The French Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Committee has revealed that the Algerian authorities have refused to open a French cultural center in Tizi-Ouzou, eastern Algeria, for reasons linked to security matters.

 According to a report of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French Parliament devoted to the study of the judicial cooperation agreement in the criminal field between Algeria and France, France has made the teaching and teaching of French language in Algeria the core of its work by improving the initial and continuous training of French language teachers in secondary and higher education, with on focus the Intensive teaching of French through 35 Algerian universities and 5 French cultural centers.

The parliamentary committee pointed out that France has a cultural network that depends on its cooperation with Algeria through 5 French cultural centers based in the capital Algiers, Constantine, Annaba, Oran and Tlemcen. However, it noted that the projected opening of a French cultural center in the city of Tizi Ouzou was rejected by the Algerians for security reasons.

The report said France intends to open two new primary schools in Algeria precisely in Oran and Annaba on the basis of what was agreed during the meeting of the joint high committee between the two countries held in April 2016 to add to the French primary school located in the capital Algiers, and which is attended by about 500 students.

On the issue of legal aid between the two countries, the report said that 477 applications for bilateral judicial cooperation were sent, of which 123 are still under way, 86 of defendants have been already indicted, 8% are linked to counterterrorism, 25% pertain to murder attempts, as 152 requests were made by Algeria to France, including 9 per cent for terrorism-related issues.

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