Passengers turn luxurious ship into “Africa Town”

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icon-writer By: Nouara Bachouche / English version: M. A.

In a trip of 38 hours on a luxurious Greek ship rented by the National Enterprise of Maritime Transport, passengers formed a scene which looks like “Africa Town.”

Echorouk is the first newspaper which accompanied border guards during the trip.

38 hours in open sea

It was 10 am when Echorouk’s journalist arrived to the Algiers Port. The station chief Saliha Ben Brah gave explanations about the trip on the Greek ship. 

Commercial director at the National Enterprise of Maritime Transport Karim Bouznad was in charge of tickets and accommodation upon instruction from the Enterprise’s director Hassan Guerairia.

On that day, more than 1,850 passengers and about 600 cars were supposed to be on the ship. 

“All the departments are mobilized to make Algerians’ trip to France easy in the same way they entered Algeria,” said regional director of the Maritime Transport Enterprise Oum Saad Debabi.

Dealing with diplomacy or a battlefield

After two hours, the boat came from Marseille. It has all the luxurious means for passengers.

The passengers got on board, doors were closed and an order was given to start the trip. Reception office and agents were under pressure as they had to show passengers the way to their rooms.

The trip started at 4:45 pm. Sea captain and the crew had to deal with diplomacy with passengers who triggered an anarchy. Many of them preferred to go to the ship’s surface to say goodbye to Algeria and take souvenir pictures. 

“Africa Town” on board

The ship’s crew underwent difficulties with passengers who took blankets, pillows and blinds from rooms to sleep on them. The scene looked like homeless people sleeping on the streets or a place called “Africa Town” located in El-Harrach in Algiers. Some of them do their business on the ship’s corners or surface although there were bathrooms.

The way back and the Algiers Port police

After more than 18 hours, the ship arrived to the Port of Marseille. All the passengers went down and the doors were closed, four hours later. The trip to go back home started.

Policemen on board the ship started their work at around 7 pm and finished at midnight. Passports and car documents were checked.

Representative of the National Police Department Bilal Taibi told Echorouk the National Police Chief Abdelghani Hamel assigned police officers to facilitate all the surveillance procedures on borders.

“Passengers were satisfied with this measure as they waited for 1h30 only to go out from the port compared to 4 hours in the last few years,” he added.

A man wanted for more than 20 times to due to names resemblance

A 49-year-old man had been detained by borders police for more than 20 rimes and released three hours later. 

“My name and birthday are similar to those of a big drugs baron,” he told Echorouk.

The last car leaves the port an hour after the ship’s arrival

Border guards coordinated their work with customs so that passengers would leave the port in a record time.

A customs officer said procedures are done easily and quickly. Each passenger declares his properties on the ship. Customs only check documents and deliver exit declarations.

A number of passengers expressed satisfaction about the police and customs’ initiative to treat all the travel documents on the ship.



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