Projected abolition of accommodation certificate for Algerian students keen to study in France

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icon-writer Hassan Houicha /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The French authorities are calling for the abolition of discriminatory measures against Algerian students wishing to study at French universities by abandoning a procedure that requires proof of accommodation on French territory for a student by a resident of France or a financial transfer for a hotel reservation.

The French Senate on 10 August, sent a letter to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and Europe to the French Ministry of the Interior regarding the change in the conditions for obtaining a student visa for Algerian students in France.

According to the same document, the French consulates in Algeria require applicants to study at French universities and institutes to provide a justification for lodging on French soil through a formal residence document provided by a resident in France, a hotel reservation or a residence permit (CROUS).

Once approved, the students found themselves forced to find a place to stay and leave the hotel they were staying in. They paid 30 percent of their stay in the hotel they were staying in because of the new procedure required by the consulate.

The initiative considered that this step remains unique and was imposed only on Algerians, explaining that it had negative social repercussions on the Algerian students eligible for a visa to study.

The Senators urged the French foreign ministry to rescind this discriminatory procedure against Algerian students in order to ensure the enforcement of a fair system to all applicants for student visas.

According to official figures issued by the French Embassy in Algeria, there are about 23 thousand Algerian students currently enrolled in French universities, including 7 thousand students enrolled only during the last season.

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