Algeria launches Miriam Makeba Prize for African artistic creation

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icon-writer By: Assia Chalabi / English version: M. A.

Culture minister Azzedine Mihoubi Thursday announced that Algeria launched Miriam Makeba Prize for African artistic creation. It will be granted in September 14th in every year to an African artist. The winner will be selected by an African committee of specialists in different artistic fields.

The minister said Algeria accepted to host a confederation for African film makers.

He added that assessment meetings as part of the creation of the confederation will start in December. Representatives of member states in the African Union will attend a general assembly.

He also said the confederation will defend African issues through cinema. “African capitals are working together to support this field. We received the request and we welcomes the idea. We belong to Africa.”

“Algeria experienced special conditions which stopped cultural common projects but Africa will remain present. South Africa is the honor guest of Algeria’s books fair. African culture ministers continue their visits to our country,” he added.

Mihoubi also said Algeria will provide Angola with a cinema training workshop soon. 

“We work on an African cinema festival project in a province in the Algerian south. World Intellectual Property Organization chose Algeria to open an office. We received the request from the African union of filmmakers. We replied positively because we found it as an added value,” he added.

Director of the National Office of Author’s Rights Sami Bencheikh Hocine said Mihoubi launched an initiative to offer an African prize to artists every year.

Cinema critic Ahmed Bedjaoui praised the name choice for the prize as Miriam Makeba is an African symbol and she had an Algerian nationality. She song “I am free in Algeria” in Arabic.

“I wonder why will Algeria host the headoffice of African filmmakers’ confederation while film projects and festivals were cancelled due to austerity policy,” he told Echorouk.

“I am sorry that European media could ban Algeria’s big role in supporting and funding a number of well-known films in Africa,” he added.

Film director Lakhdar Hamina said he is sorry for the decline of culture in Algeria.

“A country without culture has no soul. Unfortunately, Algerians do not read books anymore and do not go to cinema theatres. Because of that, we have to build a strong cultural project inside Algeria,” he added.

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