Chinese Companies To Complete Residential Programs In Algeria

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icon-writer Imane.A/English version: Dalila Henache

Housing Ministry and Chinese companies, which supervise the completion of housing in Algeria, agreed on the completion of housing and public facilities projects, urging the need to accelerate the pace of completion, especially since the government has set up 1.6 million housing units within its plan for the end of 2019.

Chinese ambassador to Algeria, Yang Guaniguo, expressed his full readiness to work on recruiting Chinese companies to continue the completion of housing projects and public facilities projects that are entrusted to them in the prescribed time. 

On the Algerian side, the Minister of Housing, Urbanization and the City, Abdelouahid Tammar, called for accelerating the pace of the projects that are entrusted to Chinese enterprises, to intensify exchanges in the field of scientific and technical research, and in the field of training on long-term construction.

Housing Minister, according to a statement which copy was received by Echorouk, his services are ready to continue efforts in order to develop bilateral relationships between the two countries in the area of ​​housing, urbanization and the City. 

"Courtesy visit which was at the request of the Chinese ambassador in Algeria was an opportunity to stimulate cooperation in the field of housing, especially that the Chinese institutions have several projects in Algeria, especially in the housing sector of various types.

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