Spain Bargains Algeria: Gas Versus Porcelain, Ceramics

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icon-writer Hassen Houicha / English version: Dalila Henache

European parties rejoiced at the decision of the Trade Ministry to review the list of goods and products that are prohibited from import under the licensing system, after European companies and producers suffered heavy losses after the approval of the licensing system.

According to the Italian Cedar-Web site, which is specialized in iron and steel news of all kinds, the Algerian authorities licensed large quantities of construction iron (reinforced concrete) to be imported with in the coming weeks, adding that Italian traders received the green light to export 934.000 tons from construction iron to Algeria.

Italian dealers went so far as to confirm that the authorities in Algeria imported an initial quantity of 400,000 tons lest week to add it to those previously licenses at 534,000 tons.

According to the same source, this step is considered a radical change in the Algerian government's use of the file of import licenses by virtue of the approval of the import of 934.000 tons of concrete iron, and confirmed that "this initiative is an unexpected glimmer of hope pending the renewal of import licenses for next year that are expected next January".

In the Spanish side, which was also severely affected by the system of import licenses, the Spanish Government Office, which administers the province of Valencia, announced the revision of the list of prohibited goods from imports until a new mission was announced to Algeria to discuss ways to re-lay the import of ceramics towards Algeria.

In the same context, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo said that the office of the Commission is working on the demarcation of a visit to Algeria, to demilitarize the export of ceramics from the Castillon region, especially to Algeria, after a difficult stage where exports fell by 97% as from last April, causing losses in millions of euros.

An official from the bureau told the newspaper that negotiations with Algeria to cut export operations are again on track and the council will make an official visit to Algeria.

Spain Bargains Algeria

Spanish newspaper revealed an explicit compromise, diplomatic and trade pressure of the Spanish authorities on Algeria in the file of import licenses of ceramics, which were frozen almost since last April.

In the details, "El Mundo" reported a letter that was sent by the Chairman of the Board of the Generalitat Valenciana Ximo Puig, in the end of last August, to Algeria Ambassador to Madrid, Taous Ferroukhi, asking the Algerian government to reassess its position on imports of Spanish ceramics.

Same official said in his letter to the Embassy of Algeria in Madrid that the ceramics industry in Castillon imports an annual value of 700 million euros of Algerian gas, adding that this consumption generates significant revenues for this Maghreb country.

The letter that was received by Algeria ambassador to Madrid, Taous Ferroukhi, urged the need to lift the freeze on the exports of Spanish ceramics to Algeria, as it was in 2016 when it reached 123.4 million euros.

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