FAF Dismisses Alcáraz, Chooses Belmadi To Succeed Him

date 2017/10/11 views 2294 comments 0

icon-writer Houcine.K/English version: Dalila Henache

Algerian Football Federation (FAF) decided to dismiss the Algerian football team coach, Lucas Alcáraz, following his extraordinary meeting on Wednesday.

Members of the Federal Bureau unanimously decided to withdraw confidence from the Spanish coach, following the bad results which he obtained since he became coach of the Greens last May, by recording only two victories, and three defeats in a row.

Members of the office of the FAF which head is Khireddine Zetchi settled on the choice of the local coach, Djamal Belmadi, to succeed Alcáraz, agreeing to contact him urgently in order to propose the idea and convince him to lead Brahimi's teammates.

Pending an official statement from the FAF, on the unilateral dismissal of Alcáraz which was from one side, and therefore it is not unlikely that the Spanish coach will retain all his financial rights for the rest the contract period that extends to 2019, as reports show that the former Harrache club coach, Boualem Charef, will lead the Greens in their match against Nigeria on November 10.

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