Sudanese aircraft "dumped into oblivion" at Algiers Houari Boumediene airport for 7 years now

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icon-writer Hassan Houicha /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The National Union of Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (independent) said it was baffled by the contents of the official letter issued of later by the management of the Air Algerie Company, arguing that the latter’s financial indicators are now in the red, and this after every petition submitted by the union, noting that the Union doesn’t feel responsible for any drift and does not bear the consequences of the Company’s paltry management.

A statement from the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Union, Wednesday, of which “Echorouk” received a copy, underlined that the maintenance department workers and despite the strenuous efforts made by them, the Company’s administration is dealing with the logic of double standards, as the promotions are frozen and the maintenance workers of the company are  subjected for a long time now, to unfair wages.

The statement pointed out that the union is not accountable for bad management in the national airline company, and ordered the grounding of the old planes’ fleet after a very expensive renovation.

The statement also said that the Air Algerie Company has not yet collected large sums of money owed to a Sudanese airline company after the repair of two Sudanese Boeing 737-200 aircraft, several years ago.

According to the information available to “Echorouk”, the Sudanese airline company “SAN AIR” has completely abandoned the two planes. 

They are now dumped and neglected in the aircraft maintenance unit at Houari Boumediene airport of Algiers after the completion of comprehensive maintenance operations, including replacement of spare parts and updating of various systems.

The Air Algerie Company has so far been unable to collect its dues from the Sudanese side. It only received a small advance payment for the maintenance operations on the two aircraft. 

The Sudanese Company disappeared and forsaken its two aircraft, which are now rusting according to our sources, pointing out that the Sudanese planes have been in Algeria for more than 7 years now.

According to the Maintenance Union, after each appointment of a new Director General of Air Algerie, there were always large recruitments and non-real jobs, which constituted a new added burden on the wage mass stressing that this has nothing to do with genuine productivity.

"It must be stressed that the maintenance mechanics and engineers have made many sacrifices for a long time, but they now refuse to continue in this approach and pay for the mistakes of mismanagement," the statement said.

The maintenance technicians' statement concluded by saying that the union's demands are not only related to wages, but its main objective is to restore the status of this technical department in the value scale and in the Company's salary classification.

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