Algeria’s army wages electronic war against spying

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icon-writer By: Nouara Bachouche / English version: M. A.

The Army’s higher commandment will create a system to keep watch on systems security at the Preparation department. This is meant to protect Algeria’s vital facilities from threats, e-terrorism and spying on the State’s secrets.

The new department will protect the State from threats on security and Algeria’s sovereignty. All the relevant aspects will be covered by achieving a complementary and efficient defense system to protect Algeria’s vital and sensitive organizations.

The new department will be in charge of planning and following the progress of the concretization of defense comprehensive policy.

Its strategy is based on 7 axes in two fields: functional and legal. It also includes competent human resources and a technical aspect to reinforce and adapt protection technical capacities.

The strategy also deals with the awareness of the National Popular Army’s personnel about cyber criminality.

Research and development structures of the National Popular Army also represent a decisive element in the strategy. Cooperation with army partners will be reinforced in this field to enable the Algerian army forces to benefit from technological experiences and means.

Figures show that the national defense ministry foils 3,500 attempts to hack its commandment and central department websites per day.

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