Official: “Adjournment Of Mandatory Completion Of Unfinished Private Constructions By 3 Years”

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The Government has decided to extend the deadlines for the completion of the unfinished private buildings and houses until August 2019, as set out in the previous directive of October 2016, in a new procedure that was signed by the interior ministry authorities in October to grant citizens additional time to wind up their unfinished and unplanned homes.

An instruction issued by the Ministry of the Interior, Local Assemblies and Urban Planning, dated October 9, of which “Echorouk” has a copy, extends the period of completion and design matching of the these unfinished private constructions by three additional years, from August 2, 2016 to August 2, 2019.

Law 08-15 of 20 July 2008 on the completion of non-conforming constructions set the end date of the operation in August 2012 before being extended to August 2013 and then to August 2016 following a relevant amendment approved by the Parliament under the 2014 Finance Law.

The coercive measures included during that period the freezing of rents and the non-renewal of leases, which legally impede the cessation of activities in these shops, while depriving families who rent a shop or building of their income, but afterwards the Government resorted to reviewing the law in order to ensure some leeway and lift the embarrassment confronting notaries, who found many legal problems with the legislation then in force as another decision was issued to this effect requiring them to claim the certificate of conformity as a prerequisite for the drafting of leases.


In this connection, former Minister of Housing, Town Planning and the City, Abdelmadjid Tebboune said, while he was in office, that the law to resolve the status of non-conforming constructions came to conduct the lives of citizens and not to punish them, pointing out that the most important hurdles that precluded the success of the process were related to the nagging problem of property ownership.

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