Italy To Deport 150 Algerian Illegal Immigrants From Sardinia Island

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icon-writer B.Hassina/English version: Dalila Henache

Italy would deport 150 illegal immigrants to Algeria, a source from the National League for the Defense of Human Rights said.

"The matter concerned secret migrants who entered the island of Sardinia by small boats".

"Italian authorities have decided to deport 150 illegal immigrants who entered the Italian territory through the island of Sardinia in the last few weeks, where they are expected to arrive today at Algiers Houari Boumediene airport, and many of them are from the eastern regions of Algeria", the National Secretary of the League in charge of the community and foreign relations, Mahmoud Djenan, said.

In the same context, the league continues its efforts to assist  the return of 50 clandestine immigrants who are staying at the Passport Information Center in the Libyan city of Zouara, as its contacts led to the intervention of the Foreign Ministry and the Algerian Embassy in Libya, which told the league that they seek to gather illegal immigrants in Tunisia, in preparation for their return to Algeria.

The league is preparing to send one of its members to meet with the deportees, with the knowledge that four of them descended from Umm al-Bawaki and their families were informed of their names while another person, which was identified is from the province of Constantine, and others come from Annaba, Skikda, Batna and some central states. 

They ended up in the Libyan center after trying to sneak across the sea with human trafficking cells from Sabratha beach and were held for three months.

Algerian League for Human Rights Defense confirmed that the Foreign Ministry notified them of the continuation of procedures for the identification of the arrested illegal immigrants to obtain passports for them because they do not have any identification documents.

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