Fake General Foists Fake Hajj Pilgrimage Visas For 75 Million Centimes

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icon-writer Meriem. Z. /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The Criminal Chamber of Algiers District Court on Monday resumed examining a fraud-related case involving a woman now being detained at the El Harrach women's prison on the grounds of a complaint lodged by another woman accusing her of robbing her of a sum of 75 million centimes (DA) in exchange for two visas for Hajj pilgrimage without a lottery through a shadowy acquaintance, claiming to be an Army General and owning a travel agency.

The victim said in a Court hearing on Monday that the defendant tried to rob her of more money. She asked for her passport and money to be able to provide the Hajj pilgrimage visas for her and her son without going through the usual draw of lots. 

She also told the victim that she had close relations to easily carry out the relevant visa procedure and later demanded an additional 26 million centimes (DA) from her, allegedly for expenses of the plane travel.

However, gripped by suspicion, the victim of this swindling and fraud case went to the headquarters of the security services in order to file a complaint against her and shortly afterwards, the woman swindler was arrested on the basis of the victim's statements.

The defendant told the Court that she had identified a person named K, who told her that he had served as a former Army General,  adding that he could provide Hajj pilgrimage visas without a lottery, and asked her to attract clients in return for a large sum of money.

She also argued that she was flabbergasted when discovering his fake identity. The Court then condemned her to serving a sentence of imprisonment of 3 years and forced her to pay 90 million centimes (DA) in damages in favor of the victim, while the General Prosecutor demanded the same sentence, along with a fine of 100,000 Dinars.

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