Quality Education: The Algerian School Ranks 11th In Arab World And 119th Worldwide

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A study issued by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) revealed that the Algerian school ranked 11th at the Arab level and 119th in the world in the quality of its educational system for the latest academic year.

Tunisia and Morocco ranked seventh and ninth respectively in the Arab rankings, while Qatar and the United Arab Emirates ranked first and second respectively in the Arab world.

Algeria ranked 119th out of 140 Arab and foreign countries in terms of quality of education, while the neighboring countries Tunisia and Morocco were ranked among the 100 first countries in the world, as Tunisia ranked 84th, while Morocco ranked 100th. Qatar came fourth in the world and the UAE ranked 10th worldwide.

In the Arab standings, the Algerian school ranked 11th, followed by Mauritania (12th), Egypt (13th), Qatar (1st), the United Arab Emirates (UAE) (2nd) and Tunisia (7th).  Morocco ranked ninth in terms of quality of its educational system.

The UNESCO study pointed out that six Arab countries were classified outside the scope of the evaluation for lack of quality standards in education and teaching, and this is the case for Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Sudan.

Concurrently, the National Secretary in charge of Information and Communication at the National Council for Teaching of the Three-Cycle Education Sector, Mr. Messaoud Boudiba, told “Echorouk” that regardless of the "international classifications" and the standards adopted by UNESCO in working out this assessment study, It is not possible to talk about the issue of quality in national education. 

“We have not solved as yet the lingering problem of the employment-related file in the sector, especially in light of the employment of tens of thousands of teachers annually without duly providing them with prior training or smooth pedagogical preparation”, he underlined in this respect.

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