Ould Abbes: "We Don't Need Apology Because France Recognized Its Crimes In 1962"

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icon-writer Asma Bahlouli/English version: Dalila Henache

France recognized its crimes in 1962 through the Evian agreement when it realized that it was defeated, General Secretary of the National Liberation Front, Djamal Ould Abbes, said.

"We do not need recognition or apology from France. The whole world has witnessed the atrocities and crimes of the French colonialism in our country. The opening of the memory file with the French President is one of the powers of the President".

Djamal Ould Abbes commented on the visit of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, to Algeria on Wednesday, saying that he is a guest of the Algerian Republic and came to visit it.

He added on the sidelines of an honorary meeting of the Moudjahid Abdelkader al-Amoudi, one of the members of the historic group 22, which planned to blow up the revolution of November 1st, that France recognized its crimes in Algeria through the provisions of the Evian Agreement.

In response to a question about the French president's request to open the file of memory, he said that this file is one of the President's powers, and he is free to open it or not.

"The revival of national memory is a national duty given the importance of memory and history in building the future of Algeria. Attempts to spread the culture of oblivion and the survey of history had failed. I am sure that the Algerian people will adhere to its history which the national liberation front is one of its symbols".

In response to a question on the issue of retrieving the skulls of the martyrs from Paris Musée de l'Homme, Ould Abbes said: "This issue is a legitimate and official demand and can not be waived under any circumstances".

In a different context, the speaker referred to the file of local elections, asserting that the issue of alliances with other parties do not bother him on the grounds that the party is looking for consensus in the municipal and state councils.

"FLN does not find it embarrassing to ally with any party, including opposition parties. I have instructed our teams across the states to expedite the settlement of outstanding problems and to make alliances that they deem appropriate with the interests of the party, including opposition parties".

On the other hand, commenting on the announcement of US President Donald Trump to transfer his country's embassy to Jerusalem, Ould Abbes said: "FLN supports Palestine unjust or oppressed", adding; "The transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem is an insult to FLN".

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