ISIS Organization: Algeria Thwarts The Recruitment Of Hundreds Of Moroccans In Libya

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icon-writer Abdessalam Sakia/English version: Dalila Henache

Algeria dealt with terrorism and overcome it alone thanks to a multi-sectoral approach that is consistent not only with the security dimension, and it also prevented the joining of hundreds of Moroccans to ISIS organization in Libya, Ambassador and adviser in charge of International Security Affairs at the Foreign Ministry's office, Al-Haws Riache, said.

Speaking at a seminar that was organized by the American Center for International Strategic Studies in Washington on the subject of "Security in the Maghreb", the ambassador said: "Terrorism was defeated in Algeria thanks to a set of military, political, religious, economic, social and educational policies and strategies at the same time.", 

He cited the experience of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco in addressing violent extremism, adding that one of the criteria for measuring this victory is the "very small number" of Algerian recruits in the ranks of terrorist groups.

The diplomat explained that this number is close to 170, based on the report of the American consultation office "The Soufan Center", which ranked Algeria in 2016 among the countries that are least likely to recruit terrorists across the world despite the geographical proximity of the regions that are suffering from this scourge.

On the status of security cooperation in the Maghreb region, Riache confirmed that Algeria has always worked to strengthen it at the bilateral, regional and international levels. 

The ambassador also mentioned that in 2016 the Algerian authorities banned hundreds of Moroccans from joining the ISIS organization in Libya through Algeria by informing the Moroccan authorities of these suspicious movements.

"We have the same goal which is counter terrorism" .

"Algeria was able to maintain military and security pressure on terrorist groups that are trying to resist thanks to its rich experience in this field".

"Small groups no longer pose a threat to the economy and the functioning of institutions and populations".

Head of the US National Defense University, Kim Cragin, has long referred to this experience, adding that Algeria has succeeded in turning the scales in the file of terrorist recruitment.

Kim Cargin, an expert in counter-terrorism revealed that 7,500 terrorists from five countries in North Africa joined ISIS, but the search centers pointed to larger numbers ranging from 10,000 to 13,000 fighters. 

She indicated that Tunisia is the largest exporter of terrorists for ISIS organization, followed by Morocco and Libya

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