Algeria's Exports To France Don’t Exceed $11 Million Dollars Of Agricultural Products

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Algeria's exports to France are still small, and such exports currently do not exceed $ 11 million for agricultural products, most of them fertilizers and dates, despite the fact that we have a market of over $ 10.5 million, the head of the Algerian National Association of Algerian Exporters, Mr. Ali Bey Naceri asserted.

He noted to this effect the absence of a genuine distribution network in France, where our largest community is concentrated, as well as the lack of training and experience of the Algerian companies registered in the export  activity that are estimated at 800.

"Algeria has all the qualifications to create a large market in Europe in general and France in particular, because of the presence there of the largest number of our community, but it has not been exploited, while our agricultural products remain absent from marketing in their most well-known markets," Mr Naceri said on Wednesday as he was a guest of a national radio program.

He called for the mapping out of a broad vision for the smooth integration of Algeria into the economic world and a strategy at the level of the Ministry of Agriculture, stressing that the fostering of Algerian exports to Europe depends on the early entry of this market that will enable the imposition of high prices and clear the way for the conclusion of profit-yielding trade agreements with African countries as well, in order to expand the scope of the export field.


He further predicted a significant hike in the volume of Algeria’s exports during the year 2018 after the scrapping, he said, of the lingering hurdles at all levels in view of the woeful financial crisis now besetting the country.

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