Washington Warns US Citizens Against Travelling To Algeria Along With 6 European Countries

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icon-writer Mohamed Lahouazi /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The US State Department on Wednesday (January 10th) released an updated list of countries of the world by category of risks incurred by its nationals, placing Algeria in category 2 of countries where Americans must "exercise greater caution”.

The category in which Algeria finds itself is explained by the fact that "certain regions pose an increased risk" of the terrorism scourge. 

The State Department thus urged “US nationals not to travel in areas near the eastern and southern borders of Algeria as well as some areas in the Sahara Desert”. 

"Most terrorist attacks take place in rural areas, but attacks in urban areas are possible despite a high and active police and Gendarmerie forces’ presence," the US State Department added, stressing that "the US Government has limited resources to provide emergency services outside the province of Algiers because of travel restrictions imposed by the Algerian Government on US officials ".

Algeria is accompanied in category 2 by several Western countries, such as France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom or Belgium.

Two neighboring countries of Algeria, Mauritania and Niger, are placed in categories 3 inviting US nationals to "reconsider their trip". 

Two other countries, Libya and Mali, are listed in category 4 by the State Department calling on US citizens “not to go there altogether”.

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