What Does The US Ambassador Want From Algeria Party Leaders?

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icon-writer Mohamed Moslem / English version: Dalila Henache

A few days after the US President Donald Trump's decision to cut off financial aid to Algeria, Washington's ambassador to Algeria, John. P. Desrocher, held a series of meetings with Algerian senior officials and leaders of political parties, at the request of the American diplomat.

The meetings began with the General Manager of the National Liberation Front Party, Djamal Ould Abbas, before extending it to the head of the Movement for a Society of Peace, Abdel-Razzaq Maqri, the head of the Party of Talaie Al Houriat (Forerunners of Freedoms), Ali Benflis, and the chairman of the National Assembly, who is also leader of RND party, Abdelkader Ben Saleh.

The American ambassador published a series of tweets, showing pictures of him with the Algerian officials. He commented that these meetings are related to the "strong relationships between Algeria and the United States of America."

The American ambassador met with political party leaders, except Abdul Qader bin Saleh, who holds a senior post in the state, as invitation was likely initially directed to the Secretary-General of the National Democratic Rally, Ahmed Ouyahia, but he apologized for his sensitive position in the state (prime minister), and the political ambition that is usually attributed to the man as the presidential elections' deadline approaches, and since Ben Saleh's participation is likely to be covered by the RND cover, because he is one of its most prominent officials.

The United States has suspended $ 17 million in financial aid to Algeria each year, distributed between humanitarian and civil society support, and assistance in security cooperation between the two countries, which is estimated at $ 1.4 million annually.

The decision to stop this aid came as an implementation to the threats of the US President, Donarld Trump, in the face of countries that voted against his decision in the United Nations Security Council, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of the Zionist entity, and because Algeria was among the many countries that voted against his decision.

It is not the first time that the US ambassador meets with the political leaders in Algeria, like other American diplomats in the countries where they represent their country, as his predecessors have even met with civil society actors, who received annual aid of $ 4 million, before President Trump's stopped it a few days ago.

What was issued by the Algerian officials who met with Desrocher, does not exceed the general information along the lines of discussion on bilateral relationships, but the meeting that gathered Ould Abbas with the Palestinian ambassador, and the presence of prominent figure in the Palestinian Hamas movement, Sami Abu Zahri, pushing to believe that there are efforts at a certain level on the question of Palestine, which is one of the crucial issues of Algeria's diplomatic doctrine.

Although the data mentioned above indicate the presence of the Palestinian cause in these talks, but the issue, which is believed to have taken a great deal of attention with the diplomatic representative of Washington, is the internal affairs of Algeria, especially as the country is heading to presidential elections next year.

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