Over 20.000 Drug Addicts Are Arrested, Violence Is Destroying Algerian Families

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icon-writer Nadia Slimani / English version: Dalila Henache

Participants in the study day on the phenomenon of violence among young people that was organized by Algiers security services, considered that the increase in violence in society is linked to the absence of listening behavior, dialogue and follow-up of young people and addiction to social networks.

Commander of Algiers security services, Noureddine Berachdi, said that his services addressed over 14431 cases of drugs of all kinds, involving 20476 people, and seized over 15 kg of cannabis and 1 kg of heroin, in addition to 136450 hallucinogens, with the seizure of 6800 white arms.

"Those involved are of different ages and gender. Algiers security services is seeking to contain the phenomenon of violence, through the organization of awareness campaigns among youth. We organized 247 awareness visits to educational institutions in 2017".

Director of the Judicial Police, Ali Farrak, asserted that his services make efforts to confront all types of verbal, physical and electronic violence among young people, focusing on awareness in different spaces.

Head of the Forensic Medicine Department at Mustafa Pasha Hospital, Professor Rachid Belhadj, said the phenomenon of violence is like cancer that threats public health.

"Repeated violence by the same people makes us resort to other criteria in addition to justice to address the phenomenon". 

"Violence is taking different forms" ​​he asserted, calling for the need to "humanize" ways of taking care of victims of violence and those involved in it.

Head of the Mental Health Department at Mustafa Pasha Hospital, Professor Ben Othmani, explained that violence is not coincidental, but is driven by different psychological factors.

"Convicted should be subject to psychological experience before their trial". 

"The negative use of the Internet is one of the most important reasons for inciting youth to violence"; said Nadir Houssine, head of the Anti Cyber Crimes Unit of the Eastern Province of the Judicial Police. 

"The crimes moved to the virtual world, where we see defamation and incitement to violence and hatred and fabricated images".

Head of the Anti Drug Trafficking Division of the Judicial Police linked drug addiction and drug trafficking with crime, saying that over 14,000 drug cases were registered in 2017. 

"Even the children of wealthy and rich families have become addicted to drugs"; he added.

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