Over 14 Illegal Immigrants Leave For Sardinia Eastern Algeria

date 2018/01/31 views 868 comments 0

icon-writer Ahmed Zaggari / English version: Dalila Henache

A number of families who are living in the town of Collo, Eastern Algeria, live in shock and are confused by the mysterious fate of 14 young men aged between 19 and 26, who sailed on Tuesday night to Wednesday at around 11 pm, starting from the isolated Beni Said beach in the top of the city of Collo, heading for the Italian island of Sardinia.

Local sources told Echorouk that the illegal immigrants are 14 youth who sailed on board of a medium-sized fishing boat that is equipped with a Suzuki engine, and they come from the city of Collo, eastern Algeria, and various neighboring municipalities, and they preferred to ride the waves of the sea and death boats, escaping from the bad circumstances and the suffocating unemployment and the fatal curse that they live, and were indifferent to the news of death that are transmitted by the media and social networks, and the of the groups of illegal immigrants in the east and west of the country, despite the bad weather conditions, but they preferred adventure, hoping to reach the other side of the Mediterranean.

Echorouk daily sources said that until the following morning, no information was received about these young people, while their families live in real shock, because of the massacres that are left behind by the failed journeys of illegal immigration in recent days and weeks.

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