Ould Abbas: "I will Not Run For The Presidency, There Is No Shadow Government"

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icon-writer Amine Boulahia / English version: Dalila Henache

General Secretary of the National Liberation Front, Djamal Ould Abbas, reiterated, on Saturday, FLN's support for the President, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, if he is candidate for a fifth term.

"FLN supported President Bouteflika since 1998 to this day", Ould Abbas said during a meeting with local elected officials in Ain Temouchent (western Algeria), adding that the last decision to run for president was due to the president alone. 

Ould Abbas said he instructed all militants not to talk about the fifth term at the moment because the president is the only to decide whether he will run for a 5th term or not".

FLN's General-Secretary said in his response to Makri, who said that "MSP has set up cells to monitor the work of the government", that there is no shadow government, and there are no problems between him and Ouyahia, and RND is an ally of FLN", criticizing at the same time some of the channels that are operating overseas, and wondered about the fate of $ 1000 billion.

"The thousand billion dollars were allocated to several projects in various fields such as housing, sports and strengthening the national economy".

"I have no intention to run for presidency if President Bouteflika will not run for another term. Those who call these rumors may the lord guide him. FLN candidates should work hard with the administration to collect all the information regarding the houses, hospitals and schools".

"FLN will say his final word during the Central Committee on March,19", he said giving the official announcement of the establishment of the State Committee to follow up the various programs, which will submit its final report in the next few weeks, in coordination with the administration.

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