Maj. Gen. Gaid Salah: "Some Parties Seek To Implicate Army Retirees In Protests"

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icon-writer Mohamed Lahouazi / English version: Dalila Henache

Some parties and pens seek to bring some army retirees in protests to harm Algeria, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Gaid Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defense, Chief of Staff of the National People's Army, said on Sunday.

In a speech to all units of the sixth military region, on a working visit and inspection that was led by the Maj. Gen. Ahmed Gaid Salah, he said: "These ethic should be the basis for maintaining this spotless reputation, which is a natural extension of those drawn by the martyrs in letters from their blood. This is a picture that no one has the right to abuse in any way. Is it in the interests of Algeria that some parties work with no sense or conscience to involve some retirees and employ them for purposes that neither serve their interests nor those of their nation?"

"Is it in Algeria's interest that some parties work without sense or conscience to involve some retirees and employ them for purposes that do not serve their interests at all or the interest of their homeland?"

"For the interest of Algeria, we should not go behind those who seek to implicate a class of retirees in matters that do not serve their interests and the interest of their country. These parties, which seek through some pens of innocent intentions to achieve their goal, aimed at insulting a homeland that is called Algeria, which always remains, against their will, to heighten its concern to confront and win all the challenges and achieve more security and stability, which ensures the continuation of its ambitious development".

"Whoever lures these pens and blows into these trumpets is well aware of the purpose he is aiming at. They desperately want to offend the depth of the changes that the National People's Army knows, forgetting, and even ignoring the fact that those who firmly believe in the principle that a good citizens are aware, knowledgeable, loyal and honest and are always asking themselves about what they have done to the country before asking what the homeland gave them".

Maj. Gen. praised the field efforts that are made by the armed forces: "Our vision in the National People's Army, the descendant of the National Liberation Army, is not limited to sight and ambition, but is limited to goals, goals and goals, a vision that does not find the impossible for them. In order to achieve this, the energies are mobilized and all available capacities were activated. All the elements of force that carried new gains, confirm the level of seriousness and testifies to the diligence of the high command of the National People's Army, to achieve the desired goals that are guided by the continued care and guidance, which are received by our armed forces, by His Excellency the President of the Republic who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the Minister of National Defense, which made all components of our army like a cell of real bees, in the field of hard work and diligence, and conscious, perseverance and insistence on achieving success".

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