Trial of Terrorist "Abu Jabal" The Right Arm Of “El Para" Slated For March

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The Criminal Court of the District Court of Algiers on Sunday postponed the file of the terrorist named "Abu Jabal ", one of the most dangerous elements of the terrorist group led by "Abdul Razzaq al-Para" and belonging to the desert battalion in the “emirate” of terrorist ring-leader “Mokhtar Ben Mokhtar”.

On March 6, during the trial of the accused  “Abu Jabal" along with another defendant of Malian nationality who activate within the same terrorist group, the latter were convicted to life sentence and the relevant file was then referred to the Supreme Court for a final decision.

According to judicial information about the accused, they were among the most prominent elements active in the arms trade for the benefit of the terrorist-led “El Para” group, as well as in the kidnapping of foreign nationals for the collection of huge sums of ransom, which are subsequently used to finance arms deals.

As a recall, terrorist “Abu Jabal” was handed over by Chadian authorities who arrested him in 2010 for his involvement in several criminal operations, including the kidnapping of German tourists in 2003 in the Sahara desert.

The accused also admitted that he had joined the nefarious armed groups in 1996 and joined the terrorist group of “Belaouar” in 1998, as he spent his time digging the hide-outs and the underground caches, in addition to receiving military training there. 

He was then assigned to bring weapons and ammunition to terrorist groups from Mauritania, an operation which was financed by the ransom funds the nefarious groups were wrenching then.

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