Government Expands The List Of Dealers Authorized To Install Algerian Cars

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icon-writer Samira.B / English version: Dalila Henache

Government expanded the list of authorized dealers in the field of vehicle installation by adding the company "Glovis" for the installation of Korean vehicles "Kia", along with the group of Hasnaoui to install "Nissan" cars, and the French Peugeot, Renault, and Hyundai, and Volkswagen Seat, to raise the number of dealers authorized to install tourist cars to six projects, pending the final decision on the order of two new projects.

After 5 days of the expiry of the date on which Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia set to announce the list of automotive brands that are licensed to launch car installation activity in Algeria, the Prime Ministry services released the list, and it comes to Peugeot, Renault, and Hyundai "Tahkout", Volkswagen Seat "Sovak" and Nissan, along with Kia, which was outside the accounts of the executive branch before the appeal that the company filed to the Ministry of Industry, while the government will soon return to the final decision on the file of two other projects in the study phase, and the government did not mention from near or far the names of these two Manufacturers.

Approved projects also include about 30 projects for the installation of buses, trucks and vehicles and bicycles, as the amended resolution for the instruction of Prime Minister, Ahmed Ouyahia, that was issued by the end of last year, and which decided for the benefit of 10 licensed dealers that are active in the field of tourist cars installation and framing activity production and installation of cars in Algeria, an instruction which led to many readings in the context of the closure of the game and this area in particular, especially that the instruction carried the names of only five companies for the installation of tourist cars, and which are "Sovak" (for the installation of Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda cars), Tahkout for installation of Hyundai cars and Renault for the installation of French brand cars Renault and Dacia.

In addition to Peugeot and Nissan, Sovak is committed to producing 100.000 cars per year, and 100.000 thousand cars others that carry the Hyundai brand that are produced annually in Tahkout plant, as the estimated production capacity of Renault in Oran (western Algeria) is 75.000 cars per year, 100.000 cars for "Peugeot", and 60.000 car that are produced by the Nissan plant.

As for the installation of trucks and buses, the public authorities decided to grant production licenses to five dealers, who are Fares Salhi with capacity of 3000 trucks per year, and IVAL with a production capacity of 8000 trucks, Tirsam with a production capacity of 100 units annually, and Savan shareholders Haddad for the production of Astra Trucks, and Maazouz and Nemroud company.

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