Canadian Court Acquits Air Algrie Company

date 2018/02/07 views 806 comments 0

icon-writer Mohamed Lahouazi / English version: Dalila Henache

Canadian Court of Quebec province acquitted Air Algérie in a case that was filed by 160 passengers who complained of a delayed flight between Algiers and Montreal in 2019.

The case's merits date back to October 2009, when a plane that belongs to Air Algérie included the flight AH2700 that was scheduled at 2:45 pm but did not actually start until 5 am of the next day.

As a result, travelers demanded compensation of up to $ 500 million for all the material and moral damage that were caused by the delayed flight.

All these complaints were rejected and the circumstances of the delay were taken into consideration, as on the night of October,13, 2009, Air Algrie took down all the passengers from the Airbus A330-200 to Montreal and took them to a hotel that was close to Houari Boumediene International Airport, telling them that their flight was canceled due to technical damage to one of the aircraft's engines.

Canadian justice explained its sentence saying that the delay in the flight was not expected and Air Algérie had taken all necessary measures, but the delay took place in difficult circumstances, according to the court's report.

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