Gaid Salah: ANP Army Will Steadily Strive To Serve Algeria And To Bolster Its Security

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icon-writer Ahmed Alioua /*/ English Version: Med.B.

Lieutenant-General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defense, Chief of Staff of the National People's Army (ANP), called on the fourth and final day of his inspection visit to the 6th military Region in Tamanrasset (southern Algeria), on the ANP to keep up with efforts for "strict surveillance" of national borders and to further tighten the grip on contraband groups in all their forms, said the Department of National Defense in a statement.

In his guidance speech addressed to all the cadres and personnel of the units of the ANP of In Guezzam, the Army Corps General  urged the latter "to  pursue their rigorous and meticulous efforts to monitor our borders, to work for their safety day and night, to tighten the grip on smuggling groups in all their forms and to thwart their destructive acts in the region," the same source said.

Gaïd Salah, who inspected, on the 3rd day of his visit to the 6th Military Region, some units mobilized at the In Guezzam Operational Sector, spent the morning visiting the units deployed at Hassi Tiririne as well as the Deployment Airbase inaugurated by the Army Corps General on March 6, 2017, which "greatly contributes to the movement of personnel and supplies of Army units". 

He also visited the 70th Autonomous Infantry Battalion where he followed a global presentation on his missions before meeting with the personnel of these units.

"On this precise point, I expect from you and all military personnel, all categories and responsibilities combined, to make, with the help of Allah the Almighty, the new year 2018, another stage of development, modernization and a new opportunity to found other pillars with which we’ll  build together the fortress of our valiant Army and make it the inviolable and most prominent bulwark of Algeria. 

A goal that necessarily requires the pursuit of this professional, loyal and dedicated pace that we have adopted, in recent years, with great patriotic spirit and absolute fidelity," he added.

Army Corps General Gaid Salah further emphasized the "keen interest he gives to these permanent meetings of direct contact with the staff of the ANP Army  on the ground, saying they are  essential, and even extremely necessary at the professional and functional levels, because the latter  reflect the ultimate and continuous interest of the High Command of the ANP in shoring up all the efforts made by monitoring the progress achieved in the implementation of all complementary and multidisciplinary programs and whose objectives and dimensions are manifold”, he underlined in this respect.

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