30.000 Algerians Converted To Christianity In Kabilya Region

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icon-writer Mohamed Lahouazi / English version: Dalila Henache

Imam of Algiers Ben Omar mosque warned of a plan to Christianize the Kabilya region.

In my Friday sermon, the imam added that he received information that residents of one of the areas (he did not named it) complained to the local authorities about the activities of the Christian missionary associations, which work by all means to convert their children to Christianity.

"Residents of the region asked to open an investigation into the activity of missionary associations that are active in the region and aim to apostate their children from Islam and convert to Christianity".

"Muslims have become a minority in some areas under a systematic campaign to bring the population to Christianity".

"Over 30,000 citizens converted to Christianity in some regions".

"About 20 missionary associations are active in the tribal lands, and are working to lure the population to convert to Christianity through means of material temptation and exploitation of the living situation of the citizens there".

"One of the malicious methods that are used by Christian missionaries is to print the Bible in books that are identical to the Koran, so that it opens its front page with the Basmalah and conclude with "Sadaka Allah Al Adim" to cast doubt on the souls of the population and spread controversy".

The imam attributed the reason for the targeting of the Kabilya region in particular to the adherence of its population since centuries to the teachings of the Islamic religion and the work with its teachings, and therefore the missionary associations focused on these areas to remove them from the Amazigh Islamic affiliation.

In his sermon, the imam called on the concerned authorities to intervene urgently to save what can be saved and free the population from the grip of Christian missionary associations that are working with every effort to lift the symbols of the churches instead of Adhan in the tribal region.

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