Sheikh al-Madkhali Recommends Farkous, Ramadani To Heal Salafist Rift In Algeria

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icon-writer Abdessalam Sakia / English version: Dalila Henache

Sheikh Rabi' Ibn Hadi al-Madkhali intervened to end the "schism" that shook the house of senior Sheikhs in Algeria, whose debates filled the boards and spaces of social networks, such as Sheikh Abdul Majid Jumaa, his rival Sheikh Khaled Hamouda, or Al Azhar Sheikh who also has a rivalry with Sheikh Reda Bushama.

Sheikh Al-Madkhali wrote a brief message to his supporters in Algeria under the title "Advice to the Salafis in Algeria to unifying and avoid separation", saying: "I have been informed that the Salafist call in Algeria has been affected to the extent that some scientific lessons were disrupted and that some of the students of science abandoned the Institute of Arabic Language and Sciences because of the disagreement between some preachers in Algeria, and this is what we do not like about science students. Allah helps us and them for all good".

The author of the message, which belongs to him a lot of the Salafist trend in Algeria under the name of the intervention: "I recommend my sons of the students of science to believe in Allah, and benefit from the school Okaz, which is concerned with Arabic language and science, where a group of Salafists work, such as brother Khaled Hamouda and brother Mohamed Merabet, who have efforts in the Daawa".

Sheikh Al-Madkhali also recommended in his letter, which was published in the "Sahab Al-Salafiya Network", on Sunday: "The students of science should not be preoccupied with the difference between the preachers for science. They must learn and understand the Sharia science, work with it, publish it, and call people to Allah way with wisdom, good advice and good behaviours".

One of the advice in the letter is "Students should activate and spread the Sharia science, that derived from the Qur'aan and Sunnah, on the understanding of the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, and the followers who follow them with faith".

Sheikh Al-Madkhali chose two of the leading Salafi leaders in Algeria to heal the rift, namely Sheikh Farkous and Sheikh Izz al-Din Ramdani. He said, "I recommend the scholars in general, and Sheikh Farkus and Sheikh Izz al-Din especially to seek reconciliation and gather the word on the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of his Prophet without exception, with one of the parties to the conflict, to achieve what is in the interest of the Salafist call, thus seeking Allah pleasure.

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