Wealthy Trader In Tlemcen Recruits Young People For “Daesh” Terrorist Organization

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icon-writer Samih. B. /*/ English Version: Med.B.

On Sunday, the combined security services managed to dismantle a cell meant to recruit young people for the terrorist organization “Daesh”, spearheaded by a wealthy trader living in a residential district of the city of Tlemcen (western Algeria) where he managed to persuade two young men to join the terror organization in Syria after establishing contacts with his ring leaders via the Internet.

According to Echorouk’s sources, the security services in charge of the fight against terrorism, rounded up a month ago 13 people in Tlemcen, who were in the process of joining the terrorist organization. 

The latter continued their intensive investigations to nab the rest of those involved in the terrorist network. 

They thus succeeded in dismantling a youth recruitment cell for the aforementioned terrorist organization led by a trader active in a residential neighborhood of Tlemcen. 

The same sources reported that the arrested trader had succeeded in  brainwashing two other young men to join the terrorist organization, before being arrested by the security services, as the two misled youngsters were bracing up to leave the national territory.

The defendants in the case were referred to the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Tlemcen District’s Court on charges of extolling terrorist acts, preparing for joining terrorist groups outside the country and communicating with terrorists outside the country.

According to our sources, the defendants, spurred by the head of the recruitment cell, were in constant contact with a number of chieftains  of the terrorist organization based in Syria, via the Internet, especially through social networking sites, which have recently become fertile ground to attract young Algerians and brainwashing them by stuffing their minds with nefarious extremist ideas. 

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