International Labor Organization's Delegation To Review Syndicates Situation In Algeria

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icon-writer Imane Aouimer / English version: Dalila Henache

General Manager of Labor Relationships at the Labor, Employment and Social Security Ministry, Rabah Mekhazni, called on the syndicates in the health and education sectors to respect the decisions of justice regarding the illegality of the strike and advised them to join their positions, to avoid falling under the sanctions of isolation and judicial follow-up that are provided by law.

"You are participating in an illegal strike, so you have to take consequences," he said.

Representative of the Labor Ministry accused, during his visit to the radio forum on Monday, some syndicates of violating the legal procedures in exercising their rights, and non-compliance with judicial rulings".

"The strike is a constitutional right that is guaranteed by law and international conventions, but its practice is linked to the settlement rules that precede it".

Rabah Makhzani was surprised from the insistence of the syndicates on what he called "violations of the law" and its insistence on holding the open or automatically renewed strike, although this type of strikes is not stipulated in the law.

Representative of the Labor Ministry was asked about the punitive measures that were taken by the Education Ministry and that orders to dismiss the striking teachers and explains: "The strike, which was ruled as not legitimate by a judicial sentence, grants the user all the powers to take punitive administrative measures against violators, which are known, like separation and dismissal from positions".

"Education Ministry has not exercised arbitrariness and ordered punitive measures against strikers, but the law provides for that", but he spoke of the possibility of challenging teachers who are dismissed before the judges and return to their posts.

The official includes the text of the article that says:  "Failure to respect the procedures that govern the right to strike and to participate in the cessation of work in a violation of legal procedures is considered a serious professional error that is committed by the workers who took part in it, and the responsibility is taken by persons who contributed to their direct activity. In this case, the user may take disciplinary action in accordance with the rules of procedure and in accordance with the law".

"Unfortunately, some teachers and doctors launched an open strike without knowing that they may lose their jobs because of their intransigence in continuing the strike and ignoring the decision of justice that it is illegitimate".

The General Manager of Labor Relationships expressed the readiness of the Labor Ministry to play the role of mediator between the CNAPEST.

Guest of the Radio Forum denied any intention of the government to abandon the right to strike, through amendments to the draft labor law, explaining: "There is no restriction on the right of syndicates' practice and the Labor Ministry remains the guardian of these freedoms under the law".

Regarding the upcoming visit of a delegation from the International Labor Organization (ILO) to Algeria, he describe it as "regular" and comes within the framework of international agreements, asserting:  "The delegation will meet with the Labor Ministry to review the achievements of Algeria in the exercise of the right of syndicates and will meet some of the syndicates that have contacted the organization".

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