Moroccan Women Smuggle Cocaine In A Weird Way To Algeria

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icon-writer Mariem Zakri / English version: Dalila Henache

Confessions of a Tunisian woman called "F.N" on Tuesday before the criminal court of Algiers Dar El Bida, reveals on a dangerous criminal activity of an intercontinental international gang of five Moroccan women in escape, that is led by a young Brazilian named George, and that is active in the promotion and importation of cocaine, which is transported from Brazil and smuggled to Morocco after stopping in the UAE, Portugal and Algeria as transit stations by shipping and stuffing them in bras and women's underwear to disguise airport security services and escape from their control, in return for receiving money as a reward worth 2000 euros.

Details of the file, which was discussed, on Tuesday, by the court, came after the arrest of the aforementioned accused by the control agents at the level of Algiers International Airport, Houari Boumediene, while heading on a flight to the Moroccan airport of Casablanca to transport the last shipment, after doubts about her clothes that appeared to be strange. During the inspection, quantities of "raw cocaine" were found scattered inside bags and packs in their underwear, weighing more than 600 g, as she tried to dispose of them after the control services uncovered her at the level of the Scanner.

Transfer of the accused to the security investigation revealed details of her integration into the gang, saying that she took advantage of the urgent need to work and support her children after divorce, after learning about a Moroccan girl who is called "Nour" and who offered her to work in the import of cosmetics from Brazil, including "Keratin", she told her that she would receive huge sums of money, and also asked her to comply with the instructions that are given to her during the transport of goods, but later she discovered that she was involved in a criminal group for drugs' export, and concluded several deals and she admitted that she was receiving an envelope that is containing sums of money to "George" while in Brazil, who gives her chest straps that are stuffed with cocaine, and during the stop in Algeria before heading to Morocco, she stayed for a period in Algiers hotels, where she changed her residence at each time.

After expanding the field of investigation about the activity of the cell, the security services received text messages between the accused through the "Viber" application, and monitored the suspect "F.N" at the airport of Houari Boumediene, through the surveillance cameras, which showed that she traveled through dozens of flights from the airport to Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Portugal every month, and against the confessions of the accused, the court sentenced her to 10 years in prison.

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