Fawzi Ghoulam: “I Received Threats Owing To My Absence During Fixture Versus Cameroon”

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icon-writer Ali Bahlouli /*/ English Version: Med.B.

Algerian international football player Fawzi Ghoulam has claimed having received threats because of his absence in the recent matches played by the national football squad.

"I have received threats, although some supporters of the Algerian national team ignore my international agenda and I suffered from acute physical injury," said Fawzi Ghoulam in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport on Wednesday.

The Napoli defender did not explain the origin, nature, or history of these threats.

"I read that some people accused me of being stupid as I refused to respond to the call of the national football team," he said. "How can I allow myself to commit such things? This is a kind of gratuitous harm!"

Ghoulam missed the Greens’ match versus Cameroon on October 7, in the framework of qualifying fixtures for the World Cup in Russia 2018, due to illness. 

However, the Algerian international footballer participated in two matches in the Italian championship, in the beginning of October and the 14th of the same month (shortly before the Greens of Algeria were to face of Cameroon) and this sparked off a large controversy. 

The FAF Federation even sent a "Desert Warrior" Doctor to Naples in Italy to check on Ghoulam's claims about his illness then.

"There are two categories of supporters in Algeria: some highly value your work, others are trying to tarnish your brand image," Ghoulam concluded.

Fawzi Ghoulam is now relaxing, due to a renewed knee injury in the past few days and a second surgical operation. 

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