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إذاعة الشروق

Some French and Moroccan media outlets specifically reported distorted news about a demonstration in Paris last Sunday, in which hundreds of members of the Algerian community attended, according to their claim, although the number of participants was in fact very limited, and almost negligent, compared to the size of the Algerian expatriates in France.

To this point, the news remains normal, as long as the Algerians have been demonstrating at home and abroad since February 22, 2019, but the other side of the event is the subject of the great fallacy and the blatant forgery and the tendentious endeavor of these malicious people, or at least the supervisors of them to organize the sit-in, where the spokesmen of the march demonstrated to raise demands concerning Democratic change and their alleged support for the slogans of the hirak movement in Algeria.

To this end, they raised well-known slogans of historical imbalance and the exclusivist secular ideological orientation, such as “leave” and “a murderous regime,” and they also used the slogan “for the release of all journalists and prisoners of conscience,” with one goal, which is the familiar camouflage of public opinion in their movements directed exclusively to serve the extremist secular agendas, and even the separatist ideas of some of those deceived by the anti-Algerian parties, especially the Zionist entity and those operating in its orbit regionally.

The orientations of the associations framed for the suspicious demonstration, as well as their symbols, slogans and banners, exposed the real mission and background of those who moved in secret to recruit dozens of expatriates under the cover of the external movement from their interests and ideas, while millions of Algerians there distanced themselves from falling into the trap of being lured to undermine their national identity.

This is because the statements of the speakers in the name of the demonstrators exposed what is hidden from the hidden agendas. They have publicly talked about the need to abolish the family law, which they consider unfair to women, as long as its basic rules and main provisions are based on Islamic law according to the identity of the Algerian people, at a time they claimed to go out in the streets of Paris in order to denounce corruption in Algeria!

For reference, the gathering of the so-called “double rupture: no soldiers … not Islamists”, among the spearheads of the failed Paris demonstration, the latter’s title indicates this, as it is not intended at all to fight the military regime, because Algeria lives in a republican civilian system.

Whatever the deficiencies of the democratic experience, after the actual power they had historically allied with the misguided at the expense of democracy, they are troubled by the solid setting up of the presidential and military establishment embodying national identity and unity, while they dream of arriving again in the seat of power on the back of the tank to implement their alien agendas for secularization and France. Algerian society is without an electoral will from it, and as long as that remains virtually impossible, they regard it as eternal hostility.

As for their hostility to Islamists, their position is not directed at people, but at ideology. All their fear is that Islam will remain the religion of the state and personal status is governed by the provisions of Sharia law, and the Algerian government’s adoption of Islamic banking formulas in banking activities increases their madness, because they are hostile to everything related to religion. The Algerian people allegedly see adherence to faculties and intentions as retrograde and backwardness pardoned by the time of material modernity, according to their great delusion.

*An old and renewed dirty mission

It should be clear to the public opinion that targeting the Algerian family law at this particular time, that is, within the context of the constitutional amendment, is a meticulous move to press for compromise and blackmail, in the name of the original blessed movement, to achieve anomalous and rejected demands by Algerian society, foremost of which is the abolition of the article of Islam. The state’s religion and the related legislations involved under it.

The fact that Paris, the sponsor of the secession movement, and the mouths of exclusivist secular extremism, as the starting point for these narrow demands confirms the real endeavor behind these misleading movements, which have no goal other than imposing their alienating ideology on the societal minority outside the recognized democratic mechanisms, because their subconscious political mind did not comprehend.

So far, the change and reform that has happened in our country will lead it to the birth of a “new Algeria” soon. These people have stopped the wheel of history in the mid-nineties of the last century. They are a minority that has no trace in the balance of democracy that is woefully slandered today.

What the planned parties seek from behind the secular, separatist curtain of such malicious demonstrations is a natural extension of a Western struggle that has not been interrupted since 1984 by all means of deception and malice against the Algerian family law, because the dream of these people is to break up and dismantle the family by dropping the legitimate guardianship of the father in marriage, and perpetuating marital conflict In return, the legalization of same-sex marriage in the name of individual freedoms, equality in inheritance, and other passions of decadence, and ultimately the separation of Islam from the life of Algerian society and isolating it from the public sphere completely.

*The reform process will not stop, and the judgment is for history

There is no doubt that honest and free Algerians, at home and abroad, and in all locations, inside and outside the system of government, are the ones who carry on their shoulders the concern of national change and the desired reform, and the train of the new Algeria has set off through the electoral constitutional path and with the brutal war on hotbeds of corruption, and today Algerians debate freely and with optimism the draft constitution that will lead to the general referendum, considering the people as the source of the founding power and returning to it the word separating all those who are different, and these are the rules of democracy that they have never adhered to in their black path, such as those who falsely wipe out the movement.

After the first date of next November first, a date that will be a station for the renewal of Algerian patriotism in honor of our blessed revolution, legal reform workshops will start before going towards the renewal of parliament and locally elected councils, in a way that expresses the honest popular will.
Meanwhile, the Algerian people, with all their living social and political strength, will be the support and watchdog, exercising their active role in accompanying and questioning the reform project, in a way that strengthens the supreme will for change and protects the country from all mishaps.

As for those information circles with their destructive Western secular ideology and dangerous separatist spirit, and those voices that are biased against our national identity, they will always remain isolated, crying out alone in ivory towers far from the thought and stance of the people in the deep parts of Algeria.

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