Bank, Tax, Post Offices' Employees Receive Bribes To Smuggle Hard Currency – الشروق أونلاين
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Algiers, Dar Bida Misdemeanor Court signed, on Tuesday, sentences ranging from 18 months to 3 years in prison for six persons, headed by the owner of an energy company named “A.F” along with an agency manager at the external bank of Algeria, a tax inspector and assistants at the post office of Mouhammadia.

The defendants earlier provided facilities for the first accused in order to smuggle huge sums of money abroad, and pump them in bank accounts to buy real estate and apartments in France and collect financial wealth in European banks, and even the seizure of funds from the account of his wife in Algeria Post, and
ignoring the payment of tax benefits of his company, in return for receiving bribes.

Security services began investigating in the file after receiving an anonymous letter in January 2018 concerning serious violations that are related to smuggling hard currency abroad, and obtaining bribes by employees at the Eternal Bank of Algiers, assistants in Algeria Post and a tax officer on financial commissions worth 2000 euros by the owner of a private company that is active In the field of energy in return for the issuance of tax credits unjustly in favor of his company, and opening bank accounts in Paris in ambiguous ways.

National Security Research Team was supported with documents of conviction, including the real estate allegation of the first defendant “A.F”, in France, which he was able to acquire through the smuggling of hard currency from Algeria, along with copies of the French customs’ declarations, and retrieving the National Police High School card, which he was suspected of having used in fraud operations on several persons, after being impersonated as a frame of the National Security Directorate, according to the police record.

In the course of investigating the contents of the anonymous message, the security services received a second complaint about the same accused by his Moroccan wife, accusing him of seizing funds from her postal account with the complicity of the agents of the Algiers Post Office, and falsifying her signature on checks in order to steal her money.

The victim indicated that she had been reprimanded after she objected the tax errors to the administration because of covering them by false income bonds, with the assistance of an inspector of the tax department who is called “H.F”, as he also deprived her of her share of profits in the company in which she owned shares.

The victim stated that she had found orders to pay for the accused “D.Y” and “H.F” from the account of her husband in France for their services.

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