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The province of Oued Souf, in south-eastern Algeria, is now witnessing a significant momentum in the field of export of the agricultural product, which entered the world this season strongly through the shipments exported in stages towards Europe, with 25 tons of potatoes to be funneled to the Canary Islands in a shipment considered the third of its kind after those directed to France in early January and over last two days towards Spain, the potato product has in fact witnessed  a clear abundance this season, with prices plummeting to below 40 dinars a kilogram.

 In this respect, the President of the Agricultural Chamber of the province of Oued Souf and Chairman of the National Council for the Inter-Professions of the Acting Department of the Potato Division, Mr Bakkar Ghamem Hamid, told “Echorouk” that the first export operations involving the provincial Agricultural Chamber was carried out towards France early last January, including 20 tons of potatoes.

Such a process created a competitive atmosphere for the European market in general and France in particular, noting the role of the Chamber as a mediator between the farmers and the traders designed to ease and speed up the various procedures that precede the export operations, which has known as successful movement through other operations due to include the Canary Islands on Sunday, he explained.

Mr Bakkar Ghanem confirmed in the context that the procedures of potato shipments destined for exports were performed in a healthy and manual manner of sorting and cleaning after a period of guidance and  proper training of the farmers.

The potato production, like other agricultural products in the province of Oued Souf is the highest in the national territory, according to the head of the agricultural chamber of the region, in comparison to other important potato-producing areas owing to the natural characteristics that distinguish this south-eastern  region notably regarding the climate and the arable land.

Our interlocutor added that that the province of Oued Souf  alone could supply foreign and European markets with the existing surplus potato stock, stressing that the local farmers have the  ability to double the potato production capacity, especially as other provinces of the country have likewise hiked their potato output while waiting for the guarantees for smooth marketing and export activities.

Mr Bakkar Ghanem further regretted their “exclusion” from participating in the recent European exhibitions for the various agricultural products, notably from the recently-held exhibition in Berlin, Germany, pointing out that the Ministry of Trade neither involve them nor coordinated with them for an attendance in such major foreign exhibitions devoted to highlighting and marketing agricultural products.
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