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Algeria is absent from the list of the best universities in the employment of graduates across the world, and no Algerian university was included in the list of 250 educational institutions worldwide, keeping pace with the labor market and accompanying graduates, thus Algeria universities register a new disappointment within the global rankings of different standards.
According to a report that was prepared by the International Institute of Universities Rank “Times Higher Education” 2019, on the top 150 universities in the employment of graduates and certificate holders across 41 countries, Algeria was represented with the University of Bejaia, but it ranks 801 followed by the University of Tlemcen at the level of 1001.
The international search institution said the new global ranking was conducted in collaboration with a world leader in human resources that ranks the best 150 educational institutions in the world in term of employment, starting from a global survey of more than 7,000 interviewers and managers of major global companies.
“Times Higher Education” ranking, which is the world’s highest scientific and academic report for the evaluation of universities and higher education institutes, shows that the Algerian universities do not have the capacity to successfully train and prepare their students to enter labor markets succefuly.
US Harvard University topped the ranking, as it was considered the best university to meet its students demands on jobs easily, followed by the University of California for Technology, then the Massachusetts Institute for Technology, while UK Cambridge University ranked fourth in the world, so the Anglo-Saxon universities emphasize the preservation and for decades the leadership of the best universities in the world.
According to the ranking, German universities have registered a remarkable increase since 2011, superior to French universities, and the list included 13 German universities among the top 150 educational institutions.
At the level of the Middle East and Africa, King Abdulaziz University topped the regional ranking, 139th in the world, followed by Saudi King Saud University followed by Abu Dhabi University, followed by South Africa represented by three universities: University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University and the University of Witwatersrand, then Qatar University, and finally Casablanca International University.
The most recent classification of Algerian universities was the ranking of the top 200 African universities for the year 2018, where the University of Kassdi Marbah in Ourgla (southern Algeria) ranked the best Algerian university and ranked 39 in Africa.
According to the classification of the website www.4icu.org/top-universities-africa, which showed the top 200 African universities of 2018, and showed the superiority of the universities of South Africa, which ranked in the first eight places in a row, while Egypt emerged in the tenth place represented by the American University in Cairo, while the ranking of Algerian universities starting from the rank of 39 to the level of 197, with the emergence of 24 universities across the country within this classification of Africa.
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