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Bouhadja Responds To Ouyahia: “There Is No Law That Forces Me To Resign”

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Bouhadja Responds To Ouyahia: “There Is No Law That Forces Me To Resign”

Chairman of the National People’s Assembly, Said Bouhadja, refuted the statements that were made by the General Secretary of the National Democratic Rally, Ahmed Ouyahia, in which he called for his resignation, in order to preserve the good conduct of state institutions.

Bouhadja did not take much time to respond to Ouyahia and accused of undermining the stability of the National People’s Assembly by inciting his MPs to engage in an illegal and unconstitutional process that targeted the presidency of the People’s National Assembly.

Ouyahia expressed astonishment due to the absence of response by the chairman of the Council to the demands of the majority of MPs who called him to risign , and asserted that Bouhadja is responsible of delaying the work of the lower chamber of parliament, at a time when he was supposed to start studying the draft law for the next fiscal year.

Bouhadja said in a statement to Echorouk on Saturday evening: “I do not resign, I am the chairman of parliament which contains all the political formations, and there is no political logic or constitutional or moral law that dictates resignation”.

He responded to Ouyahia: “Algerian people do not need a lesson from Ouyahia. The statements that were made by the Prime Minister at the press conference demanding my resignation, and his confirmation that i am responsible of the implications and obstruction of the National People’s Assembly, are accusation that are not subject to a legal logic or even a political logic.”

Chairman of the lower chamber of parliament accused the General Secretary of the National Democratic Rally of plotting with the heads of some parties to oust him from office and disrupting the work of the legislative chamber.

“These [Ouyahia and the heads of some parties, including Ould Abbas] people are the cause of this conflict because they pressurized MPs to engage in illegal demands”.

The fourth man in the state said: “It is impossible for a man who believes in the rule of law to be followed by everyone and everyone has to respect the constitution, which stipulates respect for the state institutions”.

“The dissolution of the parliament is not the prerogative of Ouyahia, who talked on behalf of the President Bouteflika when he said he would not resolve the lower chamber”.

Bouhadja did not hesitate to accuse Ouyahia of playing the role of the former French foreign intelligence chief and the former French ambassador to Algeria, Bernard Bajolet, who abused the generation of November, which punished France for its occupation of Algeria.

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