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After the file of reducing the quota of Algerians from the French visa was a discussion within the chambers of the French Parliament (the Senat and the National Assembly), this file turned into reality, and the evidence is the figures of the French Interior Ministry, which show a very large decline in the visas that are granted to Algerians, and fell from 413.000 in 2017 to 297.000 in 2018, a decrease of 116.872 visas, which represents a drop by 28.23%.

A report by the Directorate of Foreigners in the French Interior Ministry, that was published on January,15, which copy is available to Echorouk, showed that Algeria has regressed in the ranking of the nationalities that are mostly granted the French visa, and drops from the second ranking in 2017 by 413.976 visas, behind China with 849.039 Visa, to the fourth rank with 279.104 visas.

According to the official statistics of the French Interior Ministry, the countries which citizens receive a large number of visas, did not notice a change in their ranking, but on the contrary, it increased in varying degrees, including neighboring countries such as Tunisia and Morocco.

Algeria and Turkey were the only exception, which number of visas that are granted to their nationals from France fell out of the list of the 15 most eligible nationalities to obtain the French visa.

In terms of figures, the number of visas that are granted to Algerians from the three French consulates (Annaba, Algiers and Oran) declined by 116,872, representing a decline of 28.23%.

According to the same report, China topped the list with 875,000 visas, up by 27,000 French visas, then Russia is ranked second with 372,451 French visas, up by 109,908 visas.

Moroccan nationals ranked third with 334,016 visas in 2018, compared to 323,670 visas in 2017, with an increase of 10.346 Visa.

In addition, the number of visas that are granted to Tunisians has increased from 136,663 in 2018 to 154,011 in 2017, with an increase of 17,348 visas.

French visas that were granted in 2018 to nationals of India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Kuwait were also higher than in 2017, while Turkish and Algerians obtained only 125,000 visa in 2018, compared with 134,000 in 2017.

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