Said Bouhadja: "Moroccan Allegations Will Not Change Algeria's Fixed Positions, Support For Sahrawis" – الشروق أونلاين
الجمعة 24 ماي 2019 م, الموافق لـ 20 رمضان 1440 هـ آخر تحديث 10:10
الشروق العامة الشروق نيوز بنة تي في
إذاعة الشروق

Head of the National People’s Assembly, Said Bouhadja, responded to the offensive statements of Morocco Foreign Minister, Nasser Bourita, against Algeria, confirming that the Kingdom’s claims “will not change the firm position of Algeria on the issue of Western Sahara”.

Bouhadja said, in a speech, during the parliamentary day that was organized on the “World Day to Live Together in Peace” on Wednesday, that, “The international community has received, in a kind of astonishment, that translates Morocco’s failure and fabrication, and its inability to involve Algeria directly in a dispute that was separated by the UN Security Council”.

The same official recalled the position of the Security Council, which affirmed that the question of self-determination should be the subject of direct negotiations in good faith and without preconditions under the auspices of the United Nations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Polisario Front to achieve a just and mutually acceptable political solution that would ensure the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara.

Chairman of the parliament’s lower chamber reiterated “Algeria’s continued support to the efforts of the General-Secretary, as a neighboring country, and his Personal Envoy for a final settlement of the Western Sahara issue, in accordance with the international legitimacy and the principles of the United Nations in the field of decolonization.”

“Algeria’s fulfillment of its humanitarian obligations continues to pledge the Saharawi refugees with aid, protection and support, pending the final solution to this issue and paving the way for their return to their country that is currently under the Moroccan occupation.”

“Despite the years of waiting to complete the peaceful international path to this issue, the Sahrawi people have given the strongest images in the legal and political commitment and resort to realize peace and seek to achieve security and stability by finding a solution to their case”.

“This endeavor grants the Saharawi people respect and appreciation of the international community in the face of Morocco’s intransigence, irresponsible behavior and the policy of escaping, despite the great failures in many regional and international forums and meetings.”

He praised the Palestinians’ steadfastness in the face of Israeli arrogance, affirming Algeria’s full support for the national rights of the Palestinian people, which is determined to establish its independent state and its eternal capital Jerusalem.

“Actions of the United States of America undermine the possibility of restoring peace, and carries serious threats to the peace, security and stability of the region.”

Algeria celebrated, on Wednesday, the “World Day to Live Together in Peace”, through all the institutions of the state, including parliament, in the presence of ministers from the government, and the chairperson of the National Council for Human Rights, Issam Thaalbi, representative of Sheikh Khaled Ben Tounes, the spiritual leader of the Alaoui Sufism, who is behind the idea of the “World Day to Live Together in Peace”.

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