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Algerian immigrant tortured in US secret jails

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Algerian immigrant tortured in US secret jails
An Algerian prisoner at US secret jails said he wished he was died due to the horrible torture there

An Algerian immigrant has been kidnapped and tortured as he found himself a victim of the international war declared by the United States of America against terrorism. Investigators released him after they had realized that “they were dealing with the wrong person because of their weak experience in the fight against terrorism.”

Djamel Eddine. B, 36, left Algeria in 1994 to escape from violence there but he did not expect that his dream to live abroad would be turned into a nightmare.


“In 2002, I was driving in Georgia Street when masked and armed men shot the windscreen and started beating me,” Djamel told Echorouk.

 The armed men covered his eyes and took him to a place which he thinks was a US military barracks. “I heard a men talking to soldiers and saying to them: go….go.” The Algerian immigrant stayed there for three days but he could not ask why he was taken to that place. He said he was asked about his identity and nationality.“After taking pictures of me, they took me on an aircraft and took my clothes out to search me.”

Djamel who could not neither see nor hear as his eyes and ears were covered said after flying for few hours, he was taken to another aircraft.


When he arrived, he was taken to a place which he believes it was a prison in Afghanistan. “I stayed there for a month. US intelligence agents there were questioning me all the time.”


Djamel said other investigators came to him and started beating and insulting him as he denied ties with armed and extremist groups. “I was taken to another prison with some prisons including one from Iran.”


He stayed in that prison for 10 months. “They were torturing us till we passed out. When we waked up, he found ourselves naked and wearing nappies.”

 “In Winter, they undressed and took us to the bathroom where they pour cold water on us and used a stick to beat us till we bled,” he added.

“I wish I died at that time.”


Djamel was taken to a prison to Kabul then to another one in Bichawer in Afghanistan. “Prisoners from Taliban movement, Pakistanis and other people jailed before the September 11 attacks were in that prison.”


After 10 months, he was taken once again to Kabul. He said he was treated and taking restoratives. Two months and 15 days later, he was taken to another prison where it was snowing. “I was wearing trousers and a T-shirt without sleeves. They threw me down and took a picture of me.”


Then, he was taken to an aircraft and an landed after an hour. “I was surprised by hearing an Algerian telling me: are you an Algerian?”

 “I realized then that I was in my country Algeria.”He was treated well and taken to a prison in Algiers where he stayed for years but he still talks about torture in the US.


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