Sea Waves Throw Back Bodies Of 18 “Harraga” Along Ain Temouchent and Mostaganem Coasts

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icon-writer Amine Belhia /*/ English Version : Med.B.

Since the beginning of this year, the bodies of some 18 Algerian “Harraga” or illegal migrants have been identified. However, the bodies of some others rejected along the western coasts by the sea waves have not yet been identified and the identification process is still underway.

In the coastal province of Ain Temouchent alone and in the month of last January, nine bodies of ”Harraga” were retrieved, including that of a Moroccan illegal migrant  found in possession of a sum of money in Moroccan currency and three other “Harraga”  who were not identified  owing to the advanced decomposition of their bodies in addition to the retrieval by the local civil protection squads of the dead bodies of several Africans.

According to estimates provided by the  relevant departments, the African illegal migrants  often start the sea  crossing from the coast of a neighboring country, after being spotted by human smuggling networks that often provide them with makeshift boats with old engines, and this often lead to their boats’ destruction or their drowning in the outer sea.

Since the beginning of the current year 2018, there have been several secret immigration operations at sea spearheaded by reckless Algerian youngsters. 

Reliable sources have revealed that about 162 young men who opted for secret immigration towards the Spanish coasts have been rounded up over the past few weeks by national naval coastguards.

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