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German parliament voted to classify three Maghreb countries and Georgia as “safe countries”, which would facilitate the rejection of asylum requests by these countries, and thus deporting the rejected applications for asylum, but there is still another important vote that will be taken in order to apply this procedure on migrants.
German Bundestag voted Friday to expand the list of countries that are classified as “safe countries” to include three Maghreb countries – Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria – and Georgia as well.
The bill received the approval of 509 members, while 138 MP voted against it, and four members reserved, as the rejection of the project came from representatives of the Green Party and the opposition Left Party.
Previously, the Free Democratic Party (LDP) and the Alternative for Germany party have announced that they will vote with the ruling coalition of the Christian Union and the Social Democratic Party.
“Safe Countries” means those States where there is neither political prosecution nor inhuman or degrading treatment, and punishment.
Deutsche Welle said the Interior Ministry, led by Bavarian governor, Horst Seehofer, hoped the measure would be seen as an “indicator” and would allow “requests” to be “reduced” by the four countries “to a large extent.”
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