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License To Pay By Installments The Debts Owed By “AADL” Subscribers

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License To Pay By Installments The Debts Owed By “AADL” Subscribers

The property management company “Just Imo”, which manages the “Aadl” residences, has once again authorized the process of installments on the accumulated debts of subscribers who have abandoned the payment of monthly installments and charges, for some time.
The company specifies, in communications distributed to the residential sites it manages, that “tenants who have not paid their monthly rents and charges, for several months, must contact the headquarters of their regional branches throughout the national territory in order to proceed with the installment of accumulated debts and straighten out their unpaid situation”.
The company warned that the payment process is carried out according to “the income of the tenant subscriber, with the aim of managing his interest and finding an appropriate solution by scheduling his payment”.
The new move of “Just Imo” comes after a decision taken some time ago, according to which it was decided to stop the monthly rent and charges for those who have not paid the monthly installments of their housing, which they were benefiting from. as a form of “justice”.
The General Manager of the Company informed the managers of the regional branches at the time that it was decided to “immediately and urgently cancel the works to postpone the monthly rent and charges for those who would be in default of payment, and this is in execution of the instructions of the Minister of the Sector during the meeting held on 27th of September.
The Company’s General Manager warned that an exception can be made and that in case of extreme necessity, the decision can be cancelled individually, the request being submitted by the subscriber to reschedule his debts, to the head of the regional fund, which is considered the only body to examine these cases, provided that its response is in writing.
It should be noted that a large number of subscribers have refused to pay the installments followed by the monthly charges, after taking legal action to have the charges dropped, considering them to be ‘false services’ which the company does not provide in the first place. and forcing them to pay large sums of money.
During an oral question session in the National People’s Assembly on Thursday, Housing Minister Mohamed Tarek Belaribi acknowledged that there are shortcomings in some “Aadl” housing sites, saying: “The work of the “Just Imo” services needs to be upgraded, because when this company was created, it was first entrusted with 55,000 dwellings, but now, it is the case of more than 700,000 housing units”.

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