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99% Of Algerians Reject Israel, And Majority Of Them Consider France Biggest Threat

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99% Of Algerians Reject Israel, And Majority Of Them Consider France Biggest Threat

The Algerians believe that the biggest threat to them is France, as its threat exceeds the threat posed by the Zionist entity, Iran or neighboring Arab countries and even international armed organizations.

The majority of Algerians confirm that they refuse to “recognize the Zionist entity,” with the percentage of 99 percent, which is the largest percentage among the Arab peoples.
The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha has published the Arab Index 2019/2020, which monitors the trends of Arab peoples from the ocean to the Gulf, whether related to political, economic, security and intellectual issues.

• With regard to the Algerian street indicators, the index shows that the biggest external threat that the Algerians see is France, at a rate of 61%, while the Zionist entity is believed at 11% as the source of the first danger, and then comes the United States of America with 2%.

• In another question related to the recognition of the Zionist entity – the indicator used the term Israel – 99% of the Algerians confirmed that they oppose recognition of it, which is the largest percentage recorded among the Arab peoples.

• On the political plan, 53 percent said the situation in the country is good, and 1 percent said it is very good, while 32 percent see it as bad.

As for legislative councils and the extent of their control over the government, the percentage of those who strongly agree to this is 14 percent, 55% agree and 18 percent oppose while the degree of ability to criticize the Government was set at 6.4 points out of 10, and the level of democracy in the country was set at 5.4 points out of 10.

• In another question, about the popular protests (Hirak) that led to the change of the regime, 71% agreed, and 6% opposed them. Surprisingly, only 27% of respondents said that they participated in the street protests, while 67% boycotted them.
• Regarding the Government’s inability to use religion to obtain popular support for its policies, 40% agree to the question, while only 8% strongly oppose it.

In another question, it came as follows: “Support for the statement that no party has the right to expiate those who belong to other religions?” 3% strongly agreed, 13% agreed, half of them opposed, and 13% strongly opposed.

• Regarding the country’s economic situation, 46% said it is good, 40% said it is bad, and 13% said it is very bad.

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