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Morocco’s Makhzen Regime Seeks Help Of Former African Ministers To Revitalize Its Stalled Diplomacy

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Morocco’s Makhzen Regime Seeks Help Of Former African Ministers To Revitalize Its Stalled Diplomacy

The beleaguered Moroccan Makhzen regime has sought the help of former African ministers to revive its faltering diplomacy in the face of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic’s growing influence in the African Union, which continues to besiege Rabat’s return to the African Union’s institutions after almost three decades of withdrawal from the Organization of African Unity.
Almost six years after its return to the African Union with the sole aim of replacing the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, the Makhzen regime is today trying to occupy Moroccan public opinion with fictitious activities, such as gathering former foreign ministers in Morocco and issuing empty statements, similar to the appeal to African countries not to deal with the Sahrawi Republic, which is a founding member of the African Union.
The Makhzen regime deceived its people that the return to the institutions of the African Union in 2016 was aimed at the expulsion of the Sahrawi Republic, but after six years it has not been able to achieve this goal, and the presence of the Makhzen in the continental bodies still suffers from isolation, which has embarrassed it in front of its people, and that is why the Makhzen is trying these days to play on the same chord, but from outside the institutions of the African Union.
A few days ago, the Moroccan regime gathered a group of former foreign ministers of some African countries in the city of Marrakech for a meeting entitled “The Official Appeal to Expel the Sahrawi Republic from the African Union”, called the Tangier Appeal. However, the Makhzen regime did not dare to tell the truth, which is that these ministers are former officials, since they are not currently in office, which means that they do not take decisions in their own countries, let alone in the African Union, which explains the state of loss suffered by Rabat’s diplomacy.
The loss suffered by Rabat’s diplomacy can be seen in the attempt to buy off some foreign ministers of very small African countries, such as Lamine Kaba Badjo, former foreign minister of the Republic of Gambia, Lesiko Makuti, former foreign minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho, and Patrick Rajoelina, former foreign minister of the Republic of Madagascar.
Observers wonder about the feasibility of Rabat’s efforts to rely on former foreign ministers at a time when the Makhzen regime is unable to achieve its goal by relying on current foreign ministers, in addition to the fact that the giants of the brown continent, such as Algeria, South Africa, Ethiopia and other countries, do not share the distorted Moroccan initiative.
On the contrary, they consider it an illegitimate and illegal initiative, in addition to the fact that it is backed by a state that has only recently become a member of the African Union and that has been absent from the continental body’s institutions since the 1980s.
The desperate efforts of the besieged Moroccan regime these days are not much different from its usual practices, such as buying the debts of countries that cannot be found on the map or that are known only from external data stored in the warehouse, such as Suriname and Togo… in order to set up consulates in the occupied Sahrawi territories, such as Suriname and similar countries, which are games that have not changed anything in reality.

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