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The French Right-Wing On A Mission To Whiten Morocco’s Smeared Image And Bring It Out Of Its Isolation

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The French Right-Wing On A Mission To Whiten Morocco’s Smeared Image And Bring It Out Of Its Isolation

During the recent crisis affecting Algerian-French relations, French President Emmanuel Macron did not hesitate to accuse French parties, which he did not name, of orchestrating blows to his efforts to establish stable relations with Algeria. So who are these parties? And what is their agenda?
At the time, all fingers pointed to the French right, which today is not much different from the extreme right led by the Le Pen family, given the enmity that this French political family has for all things Algerian, a position that has been entrenched for decades with the support of the extreme right for the extremists of so-called “French Algeria”, from its involvement in providing political cover for the sinister terrorist organization of the Secret Army (OAS), which greatly spilled the blood of Algerians and even of the French, who acknowledged their mistake and admitted defeat
Today, this approach is closer to reality, following the visit on Wednesday by the leader of the right-wing “Republicans” party, Eric Ciotti, to the Kingdom of the Moroccan Makhzen, a visit that comes at a time when relations between Rabat and Paris are experiencing a diplomatic crisis unprecedented in many years. It is marked by the absence of the Moroccan ambassador from his post in Paris and the fact that the French ambassador’s post in Rabat has also been vacant for several months.
On the occasion of this visit, the “republicans” spoke of the links between their party and the Moroccan Makhzen regime, which they said were rooted in history. However, this visit does not take place in the context of Franco-Moroccan relations, which are suffering from a severe cold, marked by the cancellation of the President’s visit. The French president was due to visit Rabat in the first quarter of this year to revive the faltering relationship.
The French right-wing is considered to be one of the hidden bases of the Moroccan makhzen regime in the cupboards of the French state, especially after the arrival of former President Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace in 2007 as the candidate of the “Union for a Popular Movement” party, before changing its name to the “Republican Party” in 2015.
Many observers confirm that the former right-wing President Sarkozy was the one who inspired the Moroccan Makhzen regime to present the so-called “autonomy” plan for Western Sahara in 2007, and it was he who gave it the necessary cover and support through his country’s influence in the United Nations, based on the fact that France is a permanent member of the UN Security Council.
Algeria has long accused the French administration of trying to influence relations with Algeria, and the clearest accusation in this regard was contained in the APS telegram following the smuggling of the Algerian national, Amira Bouraoui, by French services last February.
Everyone knows that there is a plan to undermine Algerian-French relations at the level of the French General Directorate of External Security, which is being implemented by secret agents and “khabarjia”, and some officials at the level of the French General Directorate of External Security and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as some French advisers of Algerian origin, who do not hide their fondness and admiration for this business.
Some observers of French relations with Morocco’s Makhzen regime believe that the French right-wing party leader’s visit to Rabat is aimed at serving the Moroccan agenda and trying to put pressure on Emmanuel Macron’s government from within the French state, hoping to change his hard-line position towards the Moroccan regime because of the scandals in which the latter has been involved.
In recent years, the Makhzen regime has dared to hack the phone of the French president and his senior aides for espionage purposes, as well as to buy European MEPs with money in order to influence their positions on Morocco, scandals that have placed the “Alawite kingdom” in unprecedented isolation and turned it into a pariah state in the region.

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