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These Are Necessary Measures To Funnel Diaspora Community’s donations from France to Algeria

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These Are Necessary Measures To Funnel Diaspora Community’s donations from France to Algeria

The Embassy of Algeria in France announced the organizational procedures accompanying the process of handing over donations and gifts, including money, medical equipment and oxygen equipment hailing from the Algerian community there, and directed towards Algeria, where a distinction was made between 3 types of donations, those directed to the Ministry of Health and the central pharmacy of hospitals, which are preceded by issuing of an authorization from the embassy, which will be ready within 24 hours at the latest, as well as those addressed to associations and also to individuals in which the conditions set by the Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry in Algeria are observed.

According to a statement issued by the Embassy of Algeria in Paris, and delivered to all consular representations in France and to the Organization of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris yesterday, the embassy expressed its welcome to the influx of solidarity donations expressed by members of the national community settled in France, and affirmed its full readiness to support this effort, which it described as: “Praiseworthy”, which is added to the measures taken by the Algerian state to defeat the “Covid 19” demic.

The Algerian embassy in Paris, according to a statement received by “Echorouk”, considered that the noble spirit of patriotism and generosity, which was expressed by members of the Algerian community abroad, emerged in the field through the large influx of donations that are sent to the mother country with the help of consular representations, and with the aim of maximizing this collective effort. The Algerian embassy in France confirmed that the state has developed a system that facilitates the collection and delivery of donations, including oxygen concentrators.

According to the same statement, regarding the collection and directing of donations that started from France to the Ministry of Health, i.e. the central hospital pharmacy, donors are invited to contact consular representations with regional jurisdiction in order to request the issuance of a “permit to direct donations,” according to the press release issued by the embassy on August 6, 2021, where this authorization is issued within 24 hours of the relevant file being deposited.

As for the aid directed to associations residing in Algeria, and with regard to collecting and directing donations that start from France, donors must ensure that the recipients comply with the procedures set by the Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry in its press release published on July 29, 2021, as the operations that started in this context do not subject to prior authorization issued by the Embassy.

As for the aid directed to individuals and for personal use, and with regard to the operations of donating oxygen concentrators and other medical devices used in response to the Covid 19 pandemic by individuals for personal use, it should be noted that the Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry has implemented an exceptional procedure to facilitate these operations, this procedure excludes donors from licenses required for this type of medical equipment, as no document will be required.

The Algerian embassy in Paris confirms that these measures aim to reassure members of the national community and to remove any ambiguity indicating that there are obstacles to its recruitment to provide aid, and this falls within the framework of the steps taken by the Algerian ambassador in France in recent weeks, who toured France on the instructions of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in order to find ways and means to work hand in hand for the interest of the nation.

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