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Law Criminalizing Colonialism … These Are The Details Of The New Parliamentary Initiative

Asma Bahlouli /*/ English Version: Med.B.
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Law Criminalizing Colonialism … These Are The Details Of The New Parliamentary Initiative

The six parliamentary blocs that make up the National People’s Assembly (APN) met this week to lay out the parameters for defining the draft law criminalizing colonialism for the first time, after this file over the past years was confined to the individual initiatives of political parties and personalities, which appear from time to time and disappear without clear justifications.

This time, the political parties are seeking to prepare a burdensome law that includes details, rationales and axes of recognition, apology and compensation, through which to respond to the French side’s violations and abuses committed since the occupation and that continue to this day.

Accordingly, the parliamentary blocs agreed that the draft law criminalizing colonialism should be not a political reaction to France, but a real law that restores respect for Algeria’s glorious martyrs.

In this context, the head of the parliamentary bloc of the National Liberation Front (FLN), Seyed Ahmed Tammari, confirms in a statement to “Echorouk” that the draft law criminalizing colonialism must reach its goal this time and reach the historical, legal and institutional dimension that the people aspire to, noting that the parliamentary blocs in the Assembly agreed for the first time that this step should bear the character of the law demanded by the people and the political class alike, provided that the interests of Algeria, the state and the people, are taken into account.

According to Sayed Ahmed Tammari, from the FLN party, which ranks first in terms of the number of seats in the lower house of Parliament, is not against the project as some parties are trying to promote it. “This time, he said, we want to grab the corner alone, because the project needs to crystallize with the participation of everyone in order for the idea to materialize and be at the level”.

It seems that the initiative launched by the Parliamentary Bloc of the Society for Peace Movement (MSP) earlier and called by the political parties has gained popularity inside the Zighoud Youcef building, especially since the heads of the blocs confirmed their rejection this time of what they described as giving populism to the file without achieving the desired goal.

This was confirmed by the head of the Parliamentary Group of the National Building Movement, Kamel Benkhalouf, who said in a statement to ”Echorouk”: “We are against any project that is empty of content and is only a reaction, so we agreed with all the blocs in Parliament on the need to move to the stage of seriousness by drafting a bill meant to criminalize colonialism with a heavy weight”.

He explained that the project will include three main axes, namely recognition, apology and compensation, and according to Benkhelouf, the project to criminalize colonialism requires a study of strong contents that will turn into an actual legal text. A real law, because most of the laws in Algeria came up as a reaction, as he put it.

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