Former minister Brahim Chibout to Echouruk: François Hollande is not welcomed in Algeria

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icon-writer By: W.Boudjemline A.chalabi/ English version: H. A.

The former war veterans’ minister Brahim Chibout has dwelt in a lengthy interview at “Echourouk Forum” on several sensitive issues linked to the war of independence in his quality as one of the mean actors during this period.

He has also talked about some key events that marked the country since the independence onward putting the focus on the return of the late president Mohamed Boudiaf and his dealing with several hot dossiers including the fake revolutionaries, the educational system and industrial sector.

The former minister expressed his scepticism concerning the upcoming visit of the French president François Hollande to Algeria, saying that the cut is too deep to be healed by apologies extended by the from torturers

He declared in this respect “ Why did the French president decide to pay a visit to Algeria in this particular period of time? And what are the real drives behind it, noting that he is not welcomed in Algeria and the timetable is not appropriate”.

“ They have insulted us few days ago and now François Hollande is paying a state to Algeria” , he added. The former minister has indicated that putting the visit under the theme of “fostering the bilateral toes between the two countries” was baseless because France is only interested in its economic advantages.

Chibout went on saying that Hollande’s acknowledgement of the genocide perpetrated against

innocent protesters on October 17, 1961 in Paris was a pure diversion. He called on the Algerian people and the authorities alike not to take as granted this lie.

The former war veterans’ minister during the period 1991-1994 has noted that the wound is too deep and the animosity between the two peoples is too big to be healed by time, noting that the French authorities’ apologies will not erase the crimes perpetrated by the French colonials against the Algerians over 130 years.

Chibout has asserted that writing history is a too sensitive issue to be assigned to a given person, noting that the task should be assigned to a special committee comprising experts with close knowledge to the Algerian revolution facts.

He has vehemently criticised the way with which the Algerian authorities have celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the Algerian independence noting that he has boycotted the event.

The former minister has excluded the possibility to write his memoirs following the example of several historical figures saying” I will not write my memoirs because telling truth is not an easy task”.

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