352 Cruise Ships To Transport Expatriates In Summer Holidays – الشروق أونلاين
الإثنين 20 ماي 2019 م, الموافق لـ 16 رمضان 1440 هـ آخر تحديث 19:02
الشروق العامة الشروق نيوز بنة تي في
إذاعة الشروق

The National Maritime Transport Corporation has scheduled more than 352 journeys between mid-June and September 15 of this year across all ports, with the exception of the port of Annaba (eastern Algeria), which is currently under construction.

According to Karim Bouzenad, the company’s commercial director, the company is expected to receive to 175,000 seats and 124,000 vehicles.

From the four national ports of Oran, Algiers, Bejaia, and Skikda, over 198 journeys are planned to France, 144 to Spain and 10 to Italy.

Concerning the destinations to France, the spokesman told APS that these journeys are distributed to and from (Algiers – Marseille – Algiers) with 110 journeys and (Bejaia – Marseille – Bejaia) with 14 journeys and (Oran – Marseille – Oran) with 38 journeys and ( Skikda-Marseille-Skikda) with 36 journeys.

Spain destinations are (Barcelona-Algiers) with 19 journeys, (Algiers-Alicante-Algiers) with 80 journeys and Oran-Alicante-Oran with 97 journeys and Oran-Barcelona-Oran with 20 journeys.

As for the destination to Italy, there is one route to and from (Skikda-Genoa-Skikda) with 10 journeys, and the port of Annaba (eastern Algeria) will be completed for the new terminal which will be delivered before the end of the current year 2019.

The fleet to serve passengers’ transport during this year’s summer season includes three vessels belonging to the company: Tariq Ibn Ziyad, Tassili 2 and Algeria 2, with a total capacity of 3940 passengers and 1046 cars per journey, with 1,300 passengers and between 300 and 450 cars each.

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